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Due to a variety of reasons, hunters have encountered problems that have resulted in the abandoning of their trophies in the country where they were hunted. The issues could range from incorrect paperwork to misappropriated payments to incomplete permits and without any one person handling the management of the process, the trophies do not come home.

It is because of our strong alliances abroad, knowledge of the process and network of people in the industry that allows us to undertake the  responsibility to resolve the issues. Our success rate is high as we exhaust all avenues to bring the trophies safely home.

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Your hunting trip should be spent enjoying the hunt and not worrying about how to get your trophies home safely and legally. 

Let our years of expertise and international industry contacts take the hassle out of the hunt. 

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First class fare

Personal Importer Service – $975*


Full Service

  • Set up with outfitter, dip/pack/taxidermist and shipping prior to the hunt
  • Send ID tags for species harvested
  • Send correct legal information to be used for hunting permit/hunting register that will generate export permits (prevention of mistakes later that will cause delays)
  • Validate list of trophies collected from the outfitter (prevent mistakes of missing or incorrect trophies)
  • Follow up regularly to ensure quick turnaround of shipment
  • We will review and approve export documentation PRIOR to departure (to avoid problems after arrival to USA)
  • Work closely with FWS, Customs and USDA on your behalf for trophy clearance
  • Convenience of making a local one-time payment to SSI for complete export/import charges
  • Consolidated Shipping to any of our 7 Locations

***Pricing is in USD. This includes savings not only on international shipping (only when using our shipper) but also local inland transportation charges.

Additional Charges as Applicable:

  • FWS Fee for Shipment with CITES $93 USD
  • CFS Bonded Warehouse/USDA related charges
  • Inland transportation to final destination after clearance
  • Application for Import CITES Permit

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