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Reliving the Hunt

Sport-Hunted Trophies is our passion and expertise. We're seasoned professionals who navigate the complexities of importing trophies into the United States from countries around the world. We've been importing hunted trophies for years, and have several offices around the United States.
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Our Mission

Our vision and mission is to be the world's leading authority for the importing and exporting of sport hunted trophies through the collaborative effort of all government agencies and our partners in outfitting, taxidermy and logistics worldwide. 


Personal Importing Service

 Although the use of a customs broker is not required to import your hunted trophy animals, it is highly suggested. There is a great deal of paperwork, regulations, and agencies to navigate to get your sport hunted trophies properly cleared. 

 With our years of expertise, you can count on Safari Specialty Importers to bring your trophy home safely, legally and without any stress to you.